“She’s Got It!”
-Frank Sinatra 

“Great Big Beautiful Voice”
-Louis Armstrong   

“Miss Daley, whose voice matches her looks, is in every sense of the word a knockout”

“Jan Daley is a rare combination. She is not a carbon copy of anyone. She is a singer who should enjoy a solid future in the music business”
-Hollywood Reporter

“When she steps our front, she commands our attention with a pleasing, rich voice packed with emotion” 
- Os Place Jazz Magazine

“She also took the piano for a bluesy, boogie woogie romp which was one of the unexpected highlights of truly magical night”
-Wine and Jazz TV

“Her vocal Technique is marvelous…Miss Daley’s range is her most important attribute!” …….Jan Daley, is a rare combination. She brings to her songs a freshness and conviction that are all but transforming. She is not acarbon copy of anyone, and hopefully she will find an ever-widening audience.“
-Los Angles Times

 “I have been a fan of Jan Daley’s for years! Her new album is a masterful jazz vocal album beautifully performed. Don’t miss this great songstress live.” 
-Steve Tyrell

 “Love Jan Daley”
-Gary Owens

“Jan Daley is a truly talented musician, singer, and lyricist. “Her marvelous voice is selectively controlled and her intonation is, to the fussy ones like me, immaculate. She also projects warm and clear lyrical interpretations, delivering real meanings of every song she sings. The guys in the band play better when Jan is on. They know she knows! I’m delighted to be included in the album with two of my better songs, (I told you she has good taste). And maybe, just maybe, I helped her find herself as a fine songwriter. Some of her best are on the C.D”
-Jack Segal

“Elegant voice”..” It’s a joy to listen to. Hopefully Jan will continue to bring her magnificent voice to the masses in the future.”
-Alan Rock-WUCF/FM Orlando

“We love everything about the new Jan Daley, Bob Hope Tribute”
-Warren Lawrence-WKNY- New York

“I’ve got to tell you Jan Daley is a winner!”
-Raposa Media Woodstock, GA                                                  

“ Jan Daley is an elegant presence. Whether full-out or in stage whisper, on-melody or dancing around it, her voice is buoyant, scrupulously controlled, and sincere. As, I suspect, One She’s Been Waiting For, This Could Be My Day and Now Don’t Give Me That Look, written by Jan Daley, illuminate writing chops…Daley deftly accompanies herself on piano.” 
- Alix Cohen on Playing Around in NY

“What a Delight” “Fresh & Appealing” “She combines the songs from the Bob Hope legend with her sensitive talent and comes up with an easy to listen collection of top favorite songs. A Beautiful voice” “Amazing Collection of songs” “A Triumphant!”
-KFSD/KSPA Anaheim/San Diego                                    

“The memories shared by Jan are sweet & sincere.” “Each song is a standout.”
-Chuck Southcott KGIL, Los Angeles

“Ms Daley is a very fine interpreter of these “Hope” songs and in exceptional voice” 
-David Allen WABY N.Y., NY 

“The two extremes of creamy, head-voice high notes and some nice burnished low notes are striking”
-Rob Lester Talkin’ Broadway

“Jan Daley is one of the most entertaining, best balanced talent blends on the boards.”

“Her voice matches her looks, in every sense a Knock-out!”

“I have been a fan of Jan Daley’s for years! Her new album, which pays tribute to her days on tour with Bob Hope, is a masterful jazz vocal album beautifully performed. Don’t miss this great songstress live.”
-Steve Tyrell

“Stunning is the only way to describe the spell that gorgeous songstress Jan Daley wove into her show at Feinstein’s.”
-Steve Tyrell

Beverly Hills All Saints Benefit
“Jan Daley is one of the most talented and multi-faceted entertainers working today. . It was a stellar evening of wonderful music performed to a packed house.”
-David Streets

LA Jazz Scene
“She has a real feel for lyrics and puts plenty of feeling into her interpretations.
-Scott Yanow 

“This CD is music as we remember it–melodic and engaging. Jan Daley’s voice has a clarity and purity that is unusual in music today. Her beautiful arrangement of “Skylark” showcases the richness and range of her voice. The music she writes reveals a woman who is comfortable enough in the complexity of her personality and experience to reveal her many moods. She is in turn wistful, melancholy, reflective and playful. Her artistry draws you into each song and invites you to experience your own special moments once again. sometimes, as in “Dreamer”, her voice is like a caress that holds you softly in the memories the song evokes. The lively tempo of “Come on Daddy” makes you want to tap your toes and dance along. The haunting “I Love You Tonight” is like a gentle loving lullaby.

The songs on the CD will wear well over time because they are evocative. Through her mastery of voice, mood and timing Jan gives us music that resonates with our own experiences and unites us in our common humanity–and that is what art is about”
-Wiliam Zaun

Music As We Remember It, By “Hunkadudu” (Los Angeles, CA United States)
“5.0 out of 5 stars a truly exceptional voice, December 24, 2001 By “hunkadudu” (Los Angeles, CA United States) – See all my reviews Jan Daley is one of the amazing and fine artists we have out there today. She has formed an amazing album that astonishes and inspires every listener. Her voice is soulful and deep and the lyrics are truly beautiful. There’s so much to say and so many ways to say it and I’ll leave it at that. This album is truly amazing. I highly encourage everyone to buy it. You most certainly won’t regret it. I know I didn’t.”

“This album takes you into “new old” days of great torch singers. The music is intimate, the songs are great and Jan’s voice lets you roam around in your imagination with thoughts of romance, intimacy, love and a bit of lust! Take time to appreciate this album as you would a fine red wine – you have to let it breathe”
-By jmoriah

"Miss Daley brings a bluesy white-soul and depth to her jazz standards that only an artist of this caliber can pull off. Her own music takes us on a surprising personal detour that ignites the second half of the CD."
-CD Baby

“versatile and talented lady”
-Tom Hatten

Theater Reviews
“She has comic timing down, getting every laugh, wink and nod and enthusiastically executing peppy choreography.”
-Los Angeles Times

-Backstage West

-Backstage West 

-Los Angeles Times

"She Immerses Her Whole Self Into The Flow Of The Song Giving It Movement And Grace.”
-Hollywood Reporter

“Daley Is A Svelte, Lovely, Leggy Showgirl Who Sings, Dances And Acts With Equal Skill. If Poignancy Is Needed, She Can Be Poignant”
-Santa Monica Mirror

“Daley is a svelte, lovely, leggy showgirl who sings, dances and acts with equal skill. If poignancy is needed, she can be poignant.”
-The Tolucan Times

“Highlight song and performance for me was breathtakingly sung by Jan Daley.…I enjoyed the overall energetic, quirky performance of Daley.”
-In/La Magazine

“Jan Daley is marvelous, vocally solid, and physically proving she really doesn’t look like a grandmother”
-LA Weekly
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